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Indiana Drone Works Aerial Video and Photography Service

We want to be your partner and put together a showcasing package that you will use to your advantage to help sell your property.  By working together, we can share common goals and success.

We specialize in using drones, equipped with high definition cameras, to put together a custom video and digital photo package that will help tell a complete story of the property you are selling.  Estates and farms more than five acres in size are best suited to take advantage of our Real Estate Showcasing Package.

Aerial photography is having a profound effect on the real estate market.  Using drones for aerial photography is having the same type of effect that digital camera's and the internet had during the past 20 years.  Until recently, aerial photography was much too expensive to be practical because it required the use of a traditional aircraft and piolet - photographers to fly.  Manned aircraft are limited to how close they can fly past a home to snap a few photographs.

Sattelite services such as Google Earth are useful but have their limitations.  While improvements are coming along, publically available satellite pictures are often outdated and do not have high definition quality that can be achieved with drones.

The newer, better way to gather aerial photography is by using drones.  Drones are relatively inexpensive and highly capable.  Drones can fly close around properties while recording video and taking high definition pictures.

Our $400 Real Estate Showcasing Package includes the following:

  • A USB thumb drive which contains all videos, video capture images, and high definition images.  This USB stick can be plugged into a television or computer to play the showcase presentation.
  • A three minute or so edited video with music background which shows the best of video and photographs gathered by drone flights.
  • Raw video and image files that may be used on the internet or other sales materials.
  • images include a dozen high definition photographs and 50 or so images captured from video.  The video images are suitable for use on web pages.
  • One year of on-line storage of all images and video.  Each file is linked and available for web pages, e-mail, and social media posts.


$200 Optional Add-On 2D Mapping and 3D Property Modeling

Larger properties are difficult to show off.  Customers will be impressed when they can manipulate a 3D model to take control and virtually fly the property and view from different angles.  Someday this will be normal and expected, but right now it is cutting-edge technology that will put you way ahead in a competitive market.

This is the same 2D and 3D modeling that we sell for farms and construction sites, but at a 50% discount when added on to our Real Estate Showcasing Package.


We are willing to share the risk!

We understand that you do not get paid until you close the deal.  We also understand that there are all kinds of things that can happen that might cause you to not sell the property, even after we both have put in our best efforts.

If your listed property does not sell, we will not charge for our service.  We will simply remove our published material so it may not be used by someone else to sell the same property.

We are more interested in forming a long-term relationship and helping you sell the next property as well as many to follow in the future.  We believe our service will be of great value and beneficial in help you close the sale.  This is why we are willing to share the risk.

In sharing the risk, you know that we are putting forth our best effort to come up with the highest quality showcasing package possible.   Our success is tied to your success and we believe that we can be successful together.








































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Tom Travis
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Mooresville, Indiana, 46158
Indiana Drone Works
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Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern
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