Examples of Techniques and Recent Work

Aerial Photography and Video with Background Music  Contains a couple of long videos with several background music clips that can be downloaded for free.  This example also contains a Slick Slideshow at the bottom where you can browse pictures and click on them for a larger view in Colorbox.


Indiana Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area, Area 6, Barrett Pit  April 25, 2017,  Barrett Pit. This is another of the good fishing strip pits in the area. Highly accessible with concrete boat ramp. Named after the old Barrett School and Barrett Cemetary.


    Indiana Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area, Area 6, Bass Pit  April 19, 2017, Bass Pit, located in Area 6 of the Sugar Ridge FWA.  Sugar Ridge contains dozens of pits similar to this, and all are worth exploring.  In addition to fishing, many people were in the area mushroom hunting.


    Indiana Interlake State Recreation Area, Strip Pit   February 2017  Interlake SRA, located just east of the Lynnville exit of I-64 in southwestern Indiana.  This property is roughly five square miles and extends up to Spurgeon Indiana.  The primary activity here is riding ATV's. However, there are several new and old strip pits for fishing.



    Indiana Chinook Wildlife Area, Stump Jumper Strip Pit   Oct 6, 2016,   Stump Jumper is a beautiful place to slip away to for a day or afternoon of outdoor recreation.  Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing from small boats with electric trolling motors.  The water is extremely clear, and you can see the bottom in many places.  The pit is known for "rod bending" bluegill and bass, especially in the spring spawning season.


    Meet Me Under The Bridge Sunday Worship and Meal October 2, 2016; This contains a short video and aerial photography shots of Meet Me Under the Bridge, a homeless outreach ministry in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This event is the weekly Sunday worship and meal they provide.














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